Open App Free Domain Names Free Web Hosting Quick Start Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Visioweaver Interface
  3. Editing Pages
  4. License
  5. Disclaimer
  6. Privacy & Cookies

Quick Start Guide

2. Visioweaver Interface

Select Template

Click on a template to select and open a new template. Currently, you have the choice between two multi purpose designs. Both templates are suited for all genres of websites.

Export Website

If you want to save your website, so you can upload it online or save it to edit it later then click the export button. The exported file will be called, "index.htm". The button is activated once you have selected a template or imported a website.

Import Website

If you want to open and edit a previously made website, created in Visioweaver, then you have to click the import button. A message will prompt to to open an index.htm file, made in Visioweaver. Your website will load and you'll be able to edit it.

New Button

Click the new button to go back to the start screen. Caution: all non saved data will be lost!

Formating Tool Bar

  1. Change font size
  2. Change font weight to bold or switch back to normal
  3. Change font style to italic or switch back to normal
  4. Underline text or remove it from text
  5. Strikethrough text or remove it from text
  6. Left align text
  7. Justify text
  8. Right align text
  9. Add unordered list (bullet points)
  10. Add numbered list
  11. Left indent text
  12. Right indent text
  13. Create hyperlink
  14. Create hyperlink button
  15. Add image
  16. Add single text box
  17. Add double text box
  18. Add triple text box

Color Tool Bar

Click on a colored box to open the concerning color picker.

  1. Change color of all hyperlinks and hyperlink buttons
  2. Change background color of main content
  3. Change background color of footer
  4. Change text color of main content
  5. Change background color of text box
  6. Change background color of header box

Template Tool Bar

Click the edit button to open the concerning settings window.

1. Website Title

Change the website title. Search engines like Google and Bing use your website title to display your site name in search results. Your website title will also be displayed in browser tabs.

2. Logo

Edit logo text. You can also use an image instead of text. To insert an image as your logo, type the URL of the image in the input field of "Image URL". You will need image or web hosting to upload your image online to get a URL of your image.

3. Menu (top)

Edit the top navigation bar. By default, three pages are set: "home", "contact" and "about". You can change the text so you can, for example, change the text to your native language. You can also add two custom pages, for example, a products page and a prices page. Click save and the navigation bar will automatically update and add pages if applicable.

If you want to delete a page, then leave the input field blank.

4. Menu (bottom)

Edit the navigation menu in the footer. By default, a terms page and a privacy page is set. To delete a page, leave the input field blank and click save.

5. Header Image

To insert a background image in the header box, type the URL of the image in the input field of "Image URL". You will need image or web hosting to upload your image online to get a URL of your image.

Text will be displayed in front of the image.

Rounded Corners

Click on the drop down menu and select "yes" if you prefer rounded corners for all elements. You can undo do this by selecting "no".

Device View

Websites created with Visioweaver support mobile devices. Select "mobile view" to see how your website will look like on mobile devices like smart phones and tablet pc's.

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